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My name is Danielle and I am so excited you have found our little space in the virtual world. This blog is dedicated to all things Mama; super simple plant based recipes, sustainable/ethical fashion, zero waste essentials, minimalism, gentle parenting, and so much more. My journey all started with one simple quote by Maya Angelou, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Thank you for joining us on our journey!

We have a very special membership program that includes weekly plant-based family meal plans (Breakfast through Dessert!), Substitution Lists, Shopping Lists, Tips and Tricks to Succeed in the kitchen, weekly 20 minute workouts with videos/ebooks/fun extras, and an all-new Kid’s Corner that is dedicated to all things KIDS! From how to start baby-led weaning to how to get Infant CPR certified, you will have full access to all the helpful information.

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Latest Blog Posts

10 Ethical and Sustainable Brands for Spring!

Hello, Spring! Spring is here and I am ready to shed some layers! The Spring Equinox came and went and I am fully prepared to embrace all the new life, new surroundings, AND some new fashion! Woohoo! Our sustainable and ethical fashion journey started a little over 8 months ago so this is my FIRST spring fully aware and conscious of what I put on my body from head to toe! I am so so excited to share all the amazing brands that I have discovered over countless hours of research,

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe What is a Capsule Wardrobe? Your closet is a mess and you never seem to have anything to wear despite JUST going shopping. Sound familiar? In the 1970s an amazing woman named Susie Faux coined the term "capsule wardrobe" to describe a collection of a few essential items that do not go out of fashion (such as skirts, pants, blouses, etc) that can be augmented with seasonal pieces. In 1985, Donna Karan took the capsule wardrobe idea and made it mainstream by releasing

Why Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Matters

Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere, is paying. It's time to take the blindfold off, ladies! Hello, My Beautiful Mamas! I am thrilled to have you join us for this amazing passion project of mine; A complete guide to everything sustainable, ethical and fair trade fashion (and a bit of beauty too!). We will go over some key items like which brands are changing the World, how to build a capsule wardrobe, how to shop second hand like a pro, how to stop buying and start renting, how to throw fabulous

10 Minute Spring Soba Salad

10 Minute Spring Salad! Spring is just around the corner and I think it is time to bust out some delicious salads!! One of my favourite ways to enjoy salads in spring is by adding fruit and using very light dressings. It's about time we let the fruits and veggies take the lead here and allow the dressing to compliment them (but not overtake them!). Of course, if you are love a good creamy dressing, you can always sub the light dressing for a homemade tahini dressing, cashew dressing or even vegan ranch! Your choice!

Thai Salad (Vegan – WFPB – Gluten Free)

Vegan Thai Salad (WFPB - Gluten Free) Looking for a salad that can be whipped up in under 5 minutes and tastes so good you will finish it in 5 minutes as well? Haha. Look no further! This one is my go-to salad when I want all the plant goodness without any of the work. Enjoy! Spring is peeking its head in so let's get Salad ready! Vegan Thai Salad 2 Zucchini 1-2 carrots Lettuce Red Cabbage 1/4 cup peanut

2 Way Sweet Potato Toast! (WFPB – Gluten Free)

2 Way Sweet Potato Toast! Potatoes are a huge hit with our twin boys and so I am constantly trying to find ways to sneak healthy fats like seeds/nuts/avocados in the mix! I tried sweet potato fries with guacamole (surprisingly good!), Okinawa potato mash with raw cashews as a secret blend formula and more but THIS is the one that is a hit EVERY SINGLE TIME! If you have had enough oatmeal, scrambles and avocado toast for a lifetime ( I feel you!) then try this bad boy. You can do breakfast with any kind of nut/seed

10 Minute Vegan Waffles (Vegan – WFPB)

10 Minute Vegan Waffles (Vegan - WFPB) Martin and I were walking through the second hand store 3 weeks ago and spotted a beautiful little gem in a brand new box. We both spotted her, looked at each other and smiled so big. We ran for her and giggled all the way to the cash register with 5 euros in hand. And that is how my obsession with waffles began... haha! These waffles are delicious, sugar free, oil free, WFPB, and can even be made with gluten free oats. They are perfection!

15 Minute Veggie Wraps (Vegan – G/F – WFPB)

15 Minute Veggie Wraps Lunch is served! In just under 15 minutes you can have the most delicious Vegan Veggie Wraps for lunch! I absolutely love a good wrap after a hard workout or just a delicious treat. I hope you love this variation! Spend less time in the kitchen and more time exploring! Veggie Wraps Ingredients 1 Sweet Potato 2-3 cups Cooked Garbanzo Beans 1/4 cup each: Soy Sauce / Orange Juice / Lime  Optional Maple Syrup to

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