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Our real life zero waste home

 I thought it would be so much fun to show you all what we use every single day to cut back on waste and to be more eco-friendly. I grabbed my camera and just started to take pictures of anything that I could find around the house! Enjoy 🙂

One of my favorite swaps in my zero waste journey was going from plastic trash bags to reusable wet bags. I have this adorable cactus pail liner (can be used as a diaper bag, trash bag, camping bag, etc) and a matching wet bag for my diapers when we are on the go. Both are machine washable, reusable, fully waterproof and gosh darn adorable. These come from a shop called PlanetWise.

Reusable trash bags

My shopping and kitchen would not be complete without a bunch of reusable bags for shopping and storage. I use my cloth totes for everything from bulk buying, produce buying to carrying around snacks. The silicone bags are my absolute favorite storage bags that I use for the freezer, the fridge, and random sandwiches/picnic lunches. They are so durable and wash wonderfully in the dishwasher.

silicone bags

Homemade Cleaning Solution

I have not purchased store bought cleaning supplies in over a year and it feels GOOD. I simply take some vinegar (homemade as well) and let it sit with my lemon/orange peels plus whatever I am “feeling” at the moment. Sometimes I will add some fresh herbs, essential oils or even flowers! I allow my vinegar to infuse for 6 weeks or longer for the best smell.


I love this water bottle because it feels like plastic (lightweight and airy) but it made solely from sugar cane. Isn’t that amazing?!?! While I do adore my glass and thermal bottles, there is nothing better than a lightweight water bottle in my opinion. This goes right back to the Earth! This company also gives 3 months of drinking water to those in need for every bottle purchased.

If you do not already know how amazing cloth diapers are, check out our full blog post here. You will NEVER look back!

Save the environment, keep our babies happy and healthy and save tons of money as well. It’s an all-around win.

7 Ways Parents Can Save the Earth From Home

What are circular home goods? Anything that you can reuse over and over again for different reasons; like this Turkish towel from Bhumi Organics! We can use this amazingly quick dry towel as a beach towel, blanket, scarf and more. It’s amazing. Whenever we purchase towels now, we always choose a Turkish organic cotton one so that we can use it all year round for various uses!

circular home goods

I cannot tell you how many times I purchased plastic Tupperware only to regret it within 6 months because it became all nasty and gross. This does not happen with glass or stainless steel. When you purchase TRULY reusable Tupperware that is built to last (last your entire lifetime!) then you are doing your wallet, the environment, and our trash a big favor!

This is one of the EASIEST swaps you can make (right now!) and save money instantly. Not only will you save lots of money, but you will also be stopping the trash cycle of plastic razors.

Stainless steel razors are beautiful, elegant, amazingly easy to use and properly sharp. I have not had one ingrown hair since switching over to this bad boy. When the razor becomes dull, you simply swap out for a new blade. SO cheap and easy!

I made the switch to this zero waste subscription for my bathroom supplies that include shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body wash, face wash, and face lotion last year and I will never look back.

When the bottles are about to empty, you simply order a new one from Plaine Products (you can choose a monthly, every other month or various other options) and then send the empty bottles back. It is SO easy and you will never have to buy bathroom products ever again!

I use the rosemary vanilla line with the citrus face wash. I CANNOT say enough about this company. They are fantastic!

P.s. If this is not available to you (based on location – this is an American company), simply google ‘zero waste subscription’ and the country you live in! Most zero waste shops also have refillable bathroom supplies as well.

Plaine Products zero waste bathroom products


I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, “But what about wraps, tortillas and packaged things like this?!”

Flour, Mamas. All you need is flour. You can make homemade wraps in under 60 seconds with just some flour and items around the house. It’s THAT easy.

Do you have a roller? Some flour? Water? Then go make some CHEAP, healthy and easy wraps at home!

P.s. I use this recipe and just omit the oil. It’s not as soft but it’s still delicious! You can add oil if you wish of course!

**This post may contain affiliate links to the products listed. As always, we only recommend products that we trust and use in our own home. Sending you lots of love, Mamas!**

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    I do most of these things, the only non sustainable item I see is the razor blade.I would love to find a replacement for that one

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      You are doing an amazing job Diane! I usually opt for waxing vs razor (sugar wax is a great way to try zero waste waxing) but I did find a really budget friendly stainless steel razor for Martin and he loves it. He replaces the razor ever 2-3 months?! and they cost next to nothing. It’s an all around win.


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