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The Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Series: Step by Step Guide to Becoming A Conscious Consumer

Welcome, Mamas! This is your ultimate guide to everything sustainable and ethical fashion and beauty. Instead of simply creating blog posts, I have decided to create an education and inspiring series.ย 

Starting on March 23rd, we will have a new blog post each day to help you on your journey of living a more sustainable and ethical life! The majority of you are already plant-based, so now it’s time to get ethical OUTSIDE of the kitchen!

I have created blog posts with education, ease, and simplicity in mind. We will begin with discussing the WHY, then the HOW and move onto the fun stuff like my favorite brands, how to throw an amazing swap party and even how to rent the most amazing outfits for a night on the town!

I hope you are ready to change your entire life; starting with your closet!

Step One: The Why

Why Should You Care?

Let’s dive deep into the fast fashion industry and understand just how important it is to make the switch to sustainable and ethical as soon as possible. We will discuss pollution, fibers, factory workers and animal abuse.

Step Two: The How

How to Build the Closet of Your Dreams While Saving the Planet

Do you know what is so amazing about sustainable and ethical shopping? It is a Win-Win situation. You finally get to build a wardrobe that will work FOR you and your body and you will also be helping to stop the horrible consequences of the fast fashion industry!

When we get organized and start to take shopping SERIOUSLY, we make wise decisions. Impulse buying is pushed to the side and conscious buying takes its place.

With the perfect capsule wardrobe, you will have endless options to wear (ones that you will WANT to wear) every single day. That feels GOOD.

My Top 10 Ethical and Sustainable Brands for Spring!

Our sustainable and ethical fashion journey started a little over 8 months ago so this is my FIRST spring fully aware and conscious of what I put on my body from head to toe! I am so so excited to share all the amazing brands that I have discovered over countless hours of research, videos and trial & error!

Guide to Renting Clothes Online!

Genius idea. Just GENIUS! I am kicking myself for not knowing about this sooner, I would have saved SO much money on fancy dresses, maternityย wear and just trendy clothes that do not belong in our closet in the first place haha!

You can rent for weddings, maternity, postpartum, business, casual and anything in between! Enjoy, Mamas!

Please stay tuned for new blog posts each day to help you on your journey!

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