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The best zero waste holiday gift guide

**This is part one of a two part zero waste gift guide series for The Best Zero Waste Holiday Gift Ideas. Part one includes items for purchase and part two is ALL handmade/DIY**

“Zero Waste” may just seem like another buzzword right now, but it is so much more than another trend. Choosing to lead a more zero waste lifestyle opens up our minds and hearts to so much more than we ever imagined. When our family made the switch to a zero waste lifestyle and home, everything in our lives changed for the better. We became more conscious of our consumer decisions, we reduced our waste by well over 70% (that’s huge!) and we slowly but surely began to live more intentionally.

This Christmas, you have the opportunity to give the gift of so more than a “material good”. These gifts are INSPIRING. Who would you like to inspire this year?

With the help of some of our favorite zero waste brands around the globe, we have put together this short yet ever satisfying holiday guide:

The Best Zero Waste Holiday Gift Ideas for 2019 (and beyond, of course)

The Best Zero Waste Gift Ideas

1. Zero Waste Gift Sets….

A short search on Etsy (my favorite place to shop) will give you loads of ideas to make your own zero waste gift sets or to purchase one! When searching on Etsy, I always recommend using the filter. This way you can ensure that you are purchasing goods as close to your home as possible to support your local sellers and reduce the distance for shipping (thus reducing your carbon footprint!). Here are a few of my favourites.

(Just click on the photo to head to the sellers page)

Etsy Zero Waste Gift Set

This is a great Kit for beginners. This will give them everything they need to get a great start on their Zero Waste Journey. This includes a bamboo cutlery knife set, bamboo toothbrushes, Organic cotton reusable bags, Shampoo bar, travel tin, Deodorant balm, body sponge and bamboo cotton buds.

This zero waste beauty gift set comes already wrapped in a homemade cornstarch material! The Kit Includes make up remover and a pack of 5 reusables cotton pads. All ingredients are natural, making them environmentally friendly for your skin as well as ensuring no harmful waste enters your water system. All materials are recyclable and sustainable

Eco-friendly Spa Set for anyone who cares about the beauty with care for nature. Made of jute, cotton, waterproof fabric, and linen.

Bathroom products are rarely recycled and usually end up in the landfill so this is a FANTASTIC idea for gift giving. This set includes soaps, shampoo bars, a bamboo toothbrush, deodorant, body butter, a one month supply of toothpaste tabs, and a soap saver pouch. The set arrives in recycled packaging.

The best zero waste gift ideas

We were gifted these sets about 3 months ago and have used them non-stop since. The reason that I think they would make such a wonderful gift is that we often do not realise just HOW much we use the single use plastics until we have something like this on hand. I could not believe how many times we took these beauties out on our trip to Chicago. Saying “No, Thanks I brought my own!” caught the attention of so many people out and about. This is not only an inspiring gift, but it will inspire the more and more you use it!

audible subscription

This may confuse some folks….but is there anything better than giving the gift of knowledge, culture, and art? I first started audible about 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my twin boys. I listened to books while walking the streets of Paris and rubbing my belly…it was magical. Nowadays it’s more of me just pressing play while cooking, crafting or sitting with the boys but it’s just as magical. I never knew how wonderful audio books were until 3 years ago and I just couldn’t imagine my life without all of these wonderful books that I had the pleasure of listening to!

The best zero waste gift ideas

If you are thinking of building your own Zero Waste Beauty Kit like the one from Etsy, then I highly recommend these makeup remover pads. Pairing this with some rose water and maybe an essential oil would make a gorgeous gift!

the best zero waste gift ideas

We all start somewhere and this is actually where our family started! A regular plastic toothbrush takes hundreds of years to break down and this is just insane. Especially since we are told to replace them every 3 months…..it’s mind-blowing. If your friends and family have not yet made the switch, just go ahead and make it for them! I promise, nobody misses the plastic toothbrushes after they switch to these. 

Yuhme Water Bottle

There are a ton of reusable water bottles out there and any one of them would make a great gift (especially a second hand one!) but I have to say that we really love the one by Yuhme. My favorite thing about it is how LIGHT it is. I love a good sturdy water bottle but not when it weighs my diaper bag down even more (cloth diapers are NOT light haha), so I choose yuhme. Not to mention it’s made of sugarcane!

the best zero waste gift ideas

Probably the coolest invention since sliced bread. For any family members looking for a gift for me, this is what I want haha (just one, please!). This is a collapsible, silicone (meaning good for all temps!!) coffee mug/travel mug! This collapses down to a flat nothing that fits in your purse with zero hassle. It’s genius.

collapsible straw

Got Kids? Sensitive Teeth? An aversion to drinking out of cups? Then these are for you, haha!

These straws are very cool. They have the same collapsible idea but come in a pack so you never forget them. I really like that idea because after washing straws, I usually forget them in my drawer and then make my kids drink out of cups….which means they spill everywhere! So I really like this idea!

French press’s are not just for your European or too cool for school Hipster friends that think they know what good coffee is. They are for ZERO WASTERS! I love the French press. While I personally use a bialetti for my espresso, the French press can do coffee AND plant based milks! Yes. I said it. You can make milk and coffee this one item. That is one cool gift. It would go nice with some fair trade coffee beans 🙂

Plaine Products

This is what our family uses. Every single day. I love it so much that I had to add it to the list. If you feel like splurging a bit more than the other gifts, this one is just magnificent. They have everything from refillable shampoos, conditioners, to face washes and lotions. I have fallen in love with every single one of their products. 

And that completes part ONE of The Best Zero Waste Holiday Gift Ideas! Stay tuned for Part two where I show you how to make the easiest and most gorgeous DIY gifts for family and friends that requires ZERO shipping!!!

The best zero waste gift guide

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