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7 Ways Parents Can Save the Earth From Home

I have a story for you all today. A story of respect, compassion and the hearts of children.

We were visiting our local farm not too long ago to hang out with some of our favorite beings ????????.

After about 2 hours or so, we headed to the far end where we saw two baby goats asleep on this bench behind me. I shrieked with excitement (baby goats people!) and slowly walked up to them with my sons at each side of my body.

They tiptoed with me and at the same time they both put their hands to their tiny mouths and said…


I nodded and we sat next to the sleeping babes on the edge of the bench; just watching over their little bodies.

As per usual, my mind started to race. I began thinking of how people eat these little babies. How industries hurt, abuse and kill these beautiful little babies without a blink of an eye.

Alessandro and Leonardo must have felt my pain because at that moment, Leonardo rubbed my hand and Alessandro kissed me right on the lips.

I smiled a big smile and looked over at the sleeping beauties.

Alé jumped down from my lap and slowly walked up to them. He kissed them on the forehead.

Leo followed his big brother and kissed them as well. Leo’s kiss woke them up from their slumber and they just stared at my little babes.

Two humans and two baby goats….looking at eachother straight in the eye. No fear, no hate, no greed, no ulterior motives. Just 4 children….existing. Allowing eachother to just be.

Imagine a World where we just allowed beings to simply exist for no reason but the simple gift of existing. Of just being.

No exploitation. No money.

If we just let them BE.

P.s. Mama Goat was off to the side and came over once her babes were awake ?. She was a fiesty and rather hungry one (reminded me of myself) ?

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