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Latest Blog Posts

1809, 2018

My Top 5 Books for Productivity, Happiness, and Overcoming Self-Sabotage

My Top 5 Favorite Books for LIFE If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that I read books every single day during playtime. Reading is my number one passion and hobby, and I read over 10 books a month! Through my reading journey, I discovered the road to happiness, self-love, simplicity and unbelievable productivity. I am thrilled to share with you all my top 5 book recommendations for overcoming self-sabotage, learning to accept yourself (flaws and ALL), and how to be the most productive person in your life.

1609, 2018

Confessions of a Twin Mom + My Morning Beet Juice Recipe!

Confession Time!! Before I get into my absolute favorite energizing Beet Juice Recipe, I wanted to talk about something a tad bit personal. I mentioned on my Instagram and Facebook post yesterday that I had made some life-altering changes about a month ago and I wanted to go ahead and go into detail about what those are. Some of you may have noticed that my juice and smoothie game has really amped up and energy levels have been through the roof! My workouts have been better, my skin is blemish-free and glowing, my productivity levels are

1409, 2018

Vegan Baby Led Weaning Tips and Resources

Vegan Baby Led Weaning My favorite tips, tricks, and resources to help all my parents out there on their Vegan Baby Led Weaning Journey! I will cover how to know when your babe is ready, the safety precautions, what to start with, what to avoid, tips from one mom to another, and my absolute favorite products to help you out on this journey. Enjoy! What Is Baby Led Weaning?  The term Baby Led Weaning came from Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett in their book titled  Baby-Led Weaning: The Essential

109, 2018

I Accept

    When our children are sick, the World turns upside down. Your mind races, your heart breaks with them, you feel useless at times, and you would give anything to take their place so that they do not feel pain. My heart broke over and over again yesterday as my little boy was screaming to just be in my arms while doctors held him down to administer test after test. His eyes never left my own and I cried with him. There was a moment where my teardrop melted in with his and it was that moment where I

2908, 2018

My Love Affair with Castile Soap

A soap to beat all soaps: Meet Castile!     I never thought I would take time out of my life to write a blog post about soap (of all things!) but I just had to share my love of this amazing product. If you enter my house, you will see castile soap in every washing corner of the house: the shower, the bathroom sink, the bathtub, the dish sink, and even in spray bottles to clean my windows, tables, and floors! One bottle is all I need to tackle the entire house. It is a dream!   What are the

1708, 2018

Gentle Parenting Book Recommendations

One of the most frequent questions I am asked by mothers is "What are your favorite gentle parenting books?" I am very honest about my motherhood journey, and many of you know that I read gentle parenting books to help me stay grounded, in tune with my children, gentle (of course!), and active. There are so many times where I have shouted out loud, "YES! This is what I am talking about!" while reading these books. I have quotes from these books all over my journal and have also used several quotes in our blog posts, Instagram posts, and facebook

407, 2018

New Mom Essentials

The Essentials First off, Congratulations you beautiful soul! Motherhood is such a magical time filled with chaos, giggles, stress, cuddles, bodily fluids, love beyond your wildest dreams, absolute freakouts over the simplest things, and lots of "firsts"! If you have reached this post, my guess is you need a little help in the "Materialism" department. You have read the books (or not), you have been drilled with advice ranging from parenting styles circa 1905-1995, and you are about to freak with all the options:) Don't worry! I got you, Mama! My first advice is this:

2102, 2018

What My Children Eat!

Welcome back to the blog everyone! Today I have decided to go into as much detail as possible into what I feed my children, why, how, and what resources I use to figure it all out. Enjoying a day surrounded by their favorite fruit: Apples!   I know that being a Vegan mom can get confusing and there are so many different opinions being thrown at you from "they need meat!" to "how are they going to get their B12!" and so forth. If Veganism is your chosen lifestyle then have no fear, I am here to help! So first

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