On-line coaching to transform you from the inside-out!

Receive a new fitness program each and every week with YOUR name on it!

Every 4 weeks you will receive a brand new meal plan that will be calculated off of your macros. Your body will be changing during this amazing transformation so we will have to recalculate every 4 weeks! The meal plan is 100% based off of your needs, likes/dislikes, time schedule and more.

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What is On-line Coaching?

On-line coaching is not only brilliant, but it is the MOST cost-effective and valuable tool out there. With my full support and expertise, I will create a plan that works with you, works for you, and works like a charm!

Workout WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want. We can crush goals during your child’s nap time, during lunch breaks, while you cook dinner and even outdoor in nature!

What comes with the package?

  • Every week (depending on your schedule), you will receive a brand new workout program! We communicate each week and assess how the program is working, whether you need an extra push or not, and go over any and all questions that you have. Each 12-week program is customized for each individual client. I build the program around your abilities, experience, equipment, goals, and timeline.
  • Nutrition is 80% of the work folks. With any online coaching, you NEED to have a set nutrition plan. Each client receives 3 macro calculated meal plans that focus on your needs, likes/dislikes, meal prep, busy schedules and more!
  • I will be your trainer for the next 12-weeks (or longer!) and I will be here to push you, motivated you, support you and educated you from beginning to end. With over 15 years experience as an ISSN personal trainer, I have your back!

Is this better than in-person personal training?

That is up to you! As a personal trainer, I received over $90.00 an HOUR for my services. If you want to train with me 4 times a week for 3 months, that is an astounding $4,000+!!! Not to mention the cost of the gym membership and scheduling your life around my own schedule to come in for a mere 60 minutes.

Does this sound like a great idea? To some, yes! But for most, this is absolutely out of the budget, impossible to schedule and intimidating.

With online training, I am with you at all times for support and motivation, we workout WHEREVER you want to, we use your personal equipment or simply body weight, we work around your schedule and there is no need to join any gym at any time. I will give you all the tools you need to sculpt the body of your dreams in your own living room.

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If you have any questions before starting the program, please e-mail me at HeyMamas@WonderMamas.com

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Sign up today and let’s transform you from the inside-out!