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My Love Affair with Castile Soap

A soap to beat all soaps: Meet Castile!



I never thought I would take time out of my life to write a blog post about soap (of all things!) but I just had to share my love of this amazing product. If you enter my house, you will see castile soap in every washing corner of the house: the shower, the bathroom sink, the bathtub, the dish sink, and even in spray bottles to clean my windows, tables, and floors! One bottle is all I need to tackle the entire house. It is a dream!


What are the benefits of Castile Soap?

For Face/Body/Hands

Castile soap is amazing for your skin and even for the skin of your children (just be sure to use unscented for the little ones). Unlike other soaps, Castile soap is made from olive oil, which is proven to soften and calm all types of skins, especially problematic ones. This soap does not clog pores and you will feel so clean and refreshed after every single wash!

Another great thing about castile soap is that it is naturally antibacterial and does not have any harsh ingredients to make it antibacterial. Many brands add various chemicals to their cleansers to become antibacterial and this is usually super harsh on our skin. Choosing natural is always best.

I absolutely adore washing my hands with castile soap! My hands are always so soft and supple after and I have never had any issues with chapped hands in the winter as I did with other popular hand soaps. The soap bubbles up so much and rinses off beautifully.


For babies

100% non-toxic, zero harsh chemicals, vegan, cruelty-free, organic…. it’s a parent’s dream!

I stick to the unscented Dr. Bronners for my children’s needs and it works wonders. A few pumps in the bathtub and they are so clean! The water goes from crystal clear to dark within seconds…it works that fast! I have to say, my children are a hot mess at the end of the day and this soap works so well. It keeps their hair soft, body clean, and I love the way I can still smell their natural scent after.


For Dishwashing/House Cleaning

The cleansing power of castile soap is so powerful, you have to see it to believe it. My dishes are always sparkling clean, the house smells so beautiful throughout the day with whatever essential oil mixture I added to the mix, and I feel safe using these cleaning methods with my children getting into everything in the house. Mixing castile soap with a bit of vinegar works wonders on the floors and is 100% non-toxic for children and pets! You cannot beat that.


For Vegans/Vegetarians

This soap is vegan!! It is made only from olive oil and natural ingredients, so do not fear! You would be shocked to know how many animal products are in popular soap/cleaning products like beeswax, pork fat, lanolin, tallow, or rendered beef fat. You will find NONE of that in castile soap.



How to use Castile Soap

My list of favorites (plenty more ways to use this soap at! )

The first thing that you need to know with Castile soap is that diluting is number one! It is very very concentrated and you must dilute for the majority of purposes!

Here is a nice cheat sheet for diluting to make life so much easier!

I have a little secret: I use the pumps seen in the photo above for EVERYTHING. I like to add 1/4 of castile soap and the rest water. I use this dilution for face wash, body wash, hand wash, and dishes. The following is the “prescribed” dilution for castile soap. Feel free to use my simple pump recipe!



Face Wash

2-3 drops in hand, applied to wet face

Body Wash

Squirt in a washcloth, apply to wet body


2 tbsp castile soap in bathtub. It will NOT bubble up! But I promise you and the kiddos will be so so clean!


1:10 Castile soap to water on the scrubber. These will suds up so beautifully!

Cleaning the Floor

1/2 cup soap to 3 gallons of water

All-purpose cleaner

1/4 cup soap in a quart of water in spray bottle. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil is amazing

Fruit and Veggie Rinse

Dash of soap in a bowl of water. Dip produce in and swish. Then rinse in clear water.



My favorite scented soap

(click photo to purchase!)


That’s all mamas! I do hope you try it out and let me know how it goes :).

**This is not a sponsored post. Our website receives an extremely small amount of commission if you purchase through the links. We super appreciate it and, of course, I only recommend products that I have in my little home. Appreciate all of your support!**

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