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Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans : Created for families by our very own family!

Follow along with our amazing Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans and get healthy the easy way!

This is it! This is your chance to get healthy, reduce stress, save money, AND have more time for YOU! You deserve this. You really do. Life is too precious to waste on stressing about something as simple as what you are having for dinner! This plan is going to set you up for success. Welcome to our very own Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans!

The All-inclusive



Full Meal Plans
From breakfast through dessert, every meal is set for the week
with shopping lists, batch cooking and printable PDF's full of recipes!

Kid's Corner Access
Full access to the Kid's Corner page with delicious kid friendly meals
for even the pickiest of eaters.

12 Week Fitness Program
A full program dedicated to at home fitness
for beginners to intermediate. Video instructions included.

Helpful PDF's
Substitution and conversion charts, Smoothie recipes,
Produce and Freezer hacks, and more!

Extra Perks
Huge discounts of E-books and upcoming programs.

The "MINI"



Dinner Only Meal Plans
A glorious 5 day week of Whole Food Plant Based Dinner recipes
that can be used for leftover lunches!

Kid's Corner Access
Full access to the Kid's Corner page with delicious kid friendly meals
for even the pickiest of eaters.

4 Week Fitness Program
A 4-week program dedicated to at home fitness for beginners to intermediate. Video instructions included.

Helpful PDF's
Substitution and conversion charts, Smoothie recipes,
Produce and Freezer hacks, and more!

What’s included in the Whole Food Plant Based Meal Plans?

Delicious Recipes

Each week you will receive delicious recipes straight from my kitchen to yours and twin toddler approved! I believe that a happy family is a well-fed one! Living your best life starts NOW.

Shopping List

Detailed list to take the stress out of shopping! Watch in awe as your pant size shrinks while your wallet grows! That’s what I’m talking about!

Batch Cooking

Optional batch cooking for my super busy mamas! This is my secret to a happy and healthy family. Imagine just walking to your refrigerator and having it STOCKED with already prepared healthy home cooked food? Just reheat and your family is happy and fed!

Meal Plan Calendar

A beautiful weekly calendar that lists all of your meals at a glance! We keep this on the fridge to stay on track!

Motivation and Support

This is my PASSION. This is what I love to do! I love to support women and their families all over the world live a healthier and more satisfying life. I will help you every step of the way!


Substitutions are available throughout the meal plans for any of our Mamas with allergies/strong dislikes! If there is ever a time where a substitution is not available, simply send us a quick message and we will have your substitution ready the same day!

Fitness Programs

20 minutes a day, 4 times a week is all you need to transform your body and mind. Just 20 minutes. Follow our WonderMamas at home fitness program and watch as your body transforms into a strong and fierce thang! Give me 20 minutes and I will give you a workout that will make you feel like a Spartan! (Modifications included. This is a great program for beginners and advanced!)

Kid's Corner Access

One of the most frequent questions I receive is “How do I get my kids to eat!?” Well, this is your answer Mamas! Try one of our amazing Kid zone recipes and watch as your children eat with the biggest smiles on their faces! They will have no idea how healthy it is!

Huge Discounts

Epic discounts on all Ebooks, programs and more for our All-Inclusive Members!

What our members say

Ask The Woman Behind WonderMamas

Fitness Trainer/Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Plant-based expert Danielle answers your frequently asked questions!

Each recipe will have the specific serving size listed at the top. Most recipes are between 2-4 servings and can easily be cut in half for a single gal or doubled for a large family!
Each recipe requires 10 ingredients or less and can be prepared by beginners and experts alike! The beautiful thing about eating Whole Foods is the ease in preparing. I promise you can do this, I will help you!
An oven, a blender, food processor, and a non-stick or cast iron skillet is suggested. We will be making lots of yummy smoothies and desserts in the food processor and blender!
Our goal, first and foremost, is a healthier you. Many of our followers have lost weight on this plan and have kept it off! You will be consuming foods that will rev your metabolism, keep you fuller for longer, and work WITH you instead of against you. The results are so much more than weight loss!
If talking about processed carbs, then the answer is YES. There are little to no processed carbs in this meal plan. I promise you will not miss them. Instead, you will be eating loads of HEALTHY carbs! Say goodbye to packaged foods and hello to yummy sweet potatoes, fruits, veggies, and grains!
There will be a substitutions for the majority of ingredients on the meal plans, but if you do NOT see your specific needs met, simply send a message and I will get back to you the same day!
Because our meal plans are based on a whole foods plant-based principle, it will naturally be gluten-free! There may be times where gluten is present in a recipe, but not to worry, I will have a substitution available for you!
With the amazing variety of plant-based protein sources, there is NOTHING to worry about! Our protein sources will include black beans, chickpeas, lentils, quinoa, amaranth, spinach, buckwheat, soy, green peas, artichoke, hemp seeds, rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, various nuts and nut butter, and more!
While this depends on each individual, batch cooking should not take more than 1-2 hours. You will be batch cooking several things in that 1 hour!
You will have a daily smoothie, a daily snack option, and a daily dessert. You can use any of these options for your “snack” of choice!
Each month you will be charged on the same day that you signed up and receive 4 meal plans (If you sign up on the 1st, you will be billed on the first!). Meal plans will be available on Wednesday or Friday and the previous week will be in the “previous week” section.
Due to the nature of the plans, there are no refunds but there is a very easy way to cancel. Simply hit “cancel” on the membership page and complete the fields listed. Cancel anytime!
Absolutely! Of course, all children are unique and some have very strict likes/dislikes. Our substitution list will come in handy for these picky eaters!
Our substitution list will take care of all allergy needs. Don’t worry!
We kindly request that you do not share these meal plans as they are a lot of hard work and a very important part of our family income. Please share our website and pages with loved ones to spread the word on meal plans if you like!
You will have access (via request) to all of the previous meal plans from your subscription. If you would like meal plans that are not part of your current subscription, they would be $7 USD a piece. Please send an e-mail to for the request.

Vegan Kid’s Corner

You ask, I listen! WonderMamas Members now have access to the Kid’s Corner page! This page is dedicated to children; from vegan baby led weaning to meal plans for 12 months to teenage years! Helpful printer-friendly PDF’s are available for produce hacks, freezer hacks, and more! This is the ultimate page to take back your kitchen!

Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs

FREE for all members! All it takes is 20 minutes a day, 4 times a week to transform your body and feel amazing! This 4-week or 12-week fitness program was built specifically for our WonderMama’s Members and is 100% home based. Get in the best shape of your life in the comfort of your own home!

Each week has its very own Ebook with full instructions on how to complete the workout to include form and any modifications needed. Many of the eBooks also come with Video Instruction! Find out how this mama stays in shape year round with twin toddlers running around 🙂