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Join The 14-Day Vegan Cleansing Kickstarter Program from WonderMamas!

Join us on this epic journey of delicious, satisfying and delectable plant based dishes to kick off 2020 with some plant powered goodness!! 

Join The 14-Day Vegan Cleansing Kickstarter Program from WonderMamas!

What’s Included in This Program:

14-Day Vegan Kickstarter Program

Benefits Include…

  • Clearer Skin

  • Increased Energy

  • Improved Physical Health

  • Improved Emotional Health

  • Improved Sleep

  • Better Digestion

  • Decrease in Bloat

  • Weight Loss

  • Longevity

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I not only love the WonderMamas Meal Plan, but I am over the moon in love with the New Year Cleanse Programs! This will be my third year taking part and I just cannot hold my excitement back – the plans are THAT delicious! Danielle has a magical way with creating these meal plans and makes eating healthy look soo good. Thank you for all that you do!

Michelle Kramback, WonderMamas Member

Man oh man!!! My family loves these meal plans!!! We’ve been members of WonderMamas since the beginning! We stumbled upon her site while searching for vegan, plant-based meal plans online and haven’t looked back! Danielle is a wonderful resource pouring into us with her wealth of information regarding all things ethical and practical. We have have loved every single recipe she has ever posted. My family is – me and my husband and 2 kids (ages 2 & 4 when we started) they are about to be 4 & 6. They eat everything I prepare and they enjoy it!!! Dinner time is not a struggle at our house. Also, thanks to Danielle and WonderMamas we are able to eat a variety of different and seasonal meals. She has saved my husband from the dreaded nightly question – what do you want for dinner?

Leslie Reed, WonderMamas Member

I have been a Vegan WonderMama Member for over 11 months and I cannot begin to explain how much my family and I love this new lifestyle! We were introduced to Danielle on her 2019 Vegan New Years Program and it transformed my kitchen into something vibrant, beautiful and just….happy! I have and never will look back. I feel 10 years younger!

Carol Esserne, WonderMamas Member

The meals are so good and makes me feel like a kitchen fairy, amazing that I didn’t take time away from my baby thinking what to make or how to and research just got it every week and I followed the directions. I loved loved loved all of this program!!!!!! Thank you Danielle!

Noemi Panterra, WonderMamas Member

As a mom who needs fast ideas these meal plans are easy to read and easy to follow. Each and every week there’s a list of things you will need at the grocery store so that you do not have to wonder what you need. You can batch cook, or go as you wish. I love that these recipes are not 45 ingredients as that can get overwhelming to a new diet or a lifestyle change. I also love and appreciate that everything is WFPB AND VEGAN!!

Kristy Silva, WonderMamas Member